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    Hi, fellows, I really need your help:

    I got KVANT laser projector, and I want to control it from Wing Platinum 4, for example, I want it to start showing projection at 0:45 second of Wings timeline, and stop at 3:02 minutes. It is connected to server by “Pangolin flashback 3 SE” by USB. I wonder if I need LANBOX (

    I am just started work with Pangolin and KVANT.

    And help me, please, to correct setup my KVANT spectrum 1w projector settings, which parameters are correct for this model?

    A full detailed answer would be much appreciated!

    Thank you.
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    Wing Platinum 4 - this is for video, isn't it??

    For Laser and Flashback you need a dedicated software. You can choose from:
    - LiveQuick (very basic)
    - QuickShow (kind of good stuff) with timelines etc
    - LivePro (pro stuff with many inputs, like MIDI, Performer console, even can be remotely controlled from network,...)

    First question is, what is the output "signal" you can get from Wing? MIDI, DMX,... ??
    You can make an animation for laser, cut it into pieces of 15 seconds and load under every cue.
    In LiveQuick you can trigger those cues only with clicking on them.
    In LivePro you can use MIDI input to trigger cues.

    If Wing has option for DMX output, you can buy standalone Flashback device ith DMX input. With LiveQuick used only as an utility you upload prepared cues onto flash card, disconnect USB and trigger them with DMX.

    But all these are only workaround solutions.

    What you really need is this:
    - QM2000 card (Network version optional) (interface for a laser)
    - Showtime software (and animation of course)
    - Timecode receiver (TC2000)
    This is a correct setup for this task: "I want it to start showing projection at 0:45 second of Wings timeline, and stop at 3:02 minutes"
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    What you are trying to do is really a professional level task that falls outside the planned scope for QuickShow; while aly's workarounds will probably get you good results, upgrading to our professional level platform (and TC2000) will give you the correct tools to consistently accomplish what you are wanting to do.