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    Is there a way to repeat a show or a list of shows in loop, endlessly (or a selectable number of times) until I click stop?

    I don't find it actually, and this is sort of a mandatory feature to run for example an advertising display, etc.

    Edit : just found the way to do it I think, you have to load the show in the "Play list", menu "Run", and check "Loop show list".
    I was just expecting something more visual, like the Repeat icon from an audio player... maybe a good idea to make it clear to the user what is enabled or not, without having to go in a menu?

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  2. sbk

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    What about my idea to put the options in that "Run" menu directly on the GUI, as active icons? There is plenty of empty room in this tab and then we could see at a glance what is enabled or not.

    That would have saved me a few times having to return to the truck where my laptop was sitting for a several days laser projection, after I discovered I forgot to clic "Loop show list" after launching Beyond and started the show...
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    The Loop button already added to the toolbar. Wait for new release.

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