Running more than 1 DMX universe in Beyond?

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    I have a project that I'm working on that may require 2 DMX universes. Is it possible to output more than 512 channels of DMX in Beyond? I saw a thread about it, but it didn't really have a clear answer. The new Enttec USB Pro MK2 supports 2 universes. Has anyone tried running 2 universes from beyond with it? Or can I connect 2 Enttec DMX ODE's into my computer's network and output 2 universes with Beyond that way?
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    BEYOND operate with one EntTEC USB DMX PRO controller. More than one EntTEC is not supported and so far is not planned. If you need more, then I recommend to take a look at ArtNET to DMX converters. EntTEC has such controllers as well as other companies.

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    Hi Alexey,

    Is the Enttec USB Pro MkII a good solution now?

    I noticed in another thread you recommended the ODE over the USB Pro II. However, I found when comparing specs, there's a disadvantage to the ODE and that is it only appears to support Enttec's own DMX control software which is £199+VAT, whereas the USB Pro II supports 5 or 6 packages including several well known free packages.

    Just wanted to check if there's any issue with choosing a USB Pro II over an ODE before possibly pulling the trigger on a purchase in the future.
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    Take a look at the Enttec ODE.

    Its an artnet device.

    You can use up till 4 of this devices in Beyond.
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    Hi Bob,

    I've looked at the ODE but it seems it doesn't support any of the free software solutions. Hence the question.
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