runtimes vary playing same module at different places in the show

Discussion in 'Lasershow Designer 2000' started by Marcel B, Sep 24, 2012.

  1. Marcel B

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    I design a show with multiple modules to play them with live!-cues during a concert that will be performed live.

    I have come across a problem that I can't solve: There is a major difference in the running time of a module dependent on where in the show I place it. In my case that means if I place the module at the start of the show (as the first module of about 14) the time of the playback an the time of the laser output are identical. As soon as I place the module somewhere in the middle it needs much more time to run through, which means it runs slower that the music - I guess the laser is about 30% slower than the music.

    Some more info about the show: All the modules are at 100% creation time and that is not changed when changing the order of the show. In fact nothing is changed but the placing of this particular module. The total length of the show is approx. 33 minutes, the largest module has a duration of approx. 6:30 minutes, the shortest is about 0:30 minutes. Each module is used just once in the show.

    Does anybody know the answer to this phenomenon?

  2. aricha

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    try turning off the music window
    and run the modules without the music
    if the modules are OK that way, try another music file format
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    Great help, aricha, thanks a lot, it worked! I just shut down the multimedia player and the speed went to normal at every position possible. And it's safe for the concert because the music will be played live anyway, means I don't need the LD playback.