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Discussion in 'Laser Safety' started by MrM, Sep 11, 2014.

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    As a beginner I am really happy with my new 900mw Diode RGB Showlaser, and Quickshow (just for use at home, and for me alone right now)...

    I love the effects possible; however I am really cautious about safety.

    Naturally in clubs and shows I have experienced audiance scanning, and I would like to enjoy similar amazing affects at home.

    I have set the BAM up in Quikeshow down to 10 to 40% at eye level, and I am trying it out with a green fast moving beam to start... event this looks a bit bright to me when the beam crosses my eye....

    So here is my question...
    At around 6m (approx 18 foot) away from the laser, what can I safely do with quickshow's predfined affects in this setup (On a nice evening I would prefer to do the show in the garden at a much greater distance from Projector, but now let's say I am stuck inside).

    Are the clips safe in this setup? I guess I need to be very cautious with the more static clips or the clips that seem to have more concentrated beams, not to mention the hot beams that would seem to be extreamly dangerous and I would never aim them at low level...

    ... so basically what tips could you give me, regarding audiance scanning with Quickshow? (I read the safety articles / complex theory with laser maths, but I need real practicle advice)...

    Thanks for your help fellow laser enthusiasts :)
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    The guys over at the PL Forum have a wealth of experience re: calculating safe exposure levels.

    If you don't find the answer there then it doesn't exist. :D
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    That was my question.
    Noone can help?
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    Hi, Daveurope!
    I don't see your question here. What did you want to ask?
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    At eyes level only ariel effects after lowering power with BAM.
    Don't send beams to eyes level.