1. F

    How do you set up cue duplication in Quickshow?

    Hello, I'm still new to lasers... I have two Clubmax 3000 units. I would like that whenever I select a cue, whether it's animals effects, atmospheric effects, etc., it duplicates it to both devices. Currently, I have to set up each cue separately in the properties... How can I do this? Thank you.
  2. Jezric

    Set a Cue Length

    When creating a new Cue using Shape Editor, or any other generator types really, a cue that contains effects that loop like Oscillations, etc. I don't see a way to set the Cue to just play for a certain amount of time and then stop. For instance, A Cue with a shape to start large and reduce in...
  3. S

    DMX Input and Output at the same time

    Hi, i am using Quickshow 5.2 with an FB3 interface and want to know if it is possible to use the DMX in/and output at the same time. Thats because i want to have two seperate DMX networks. One network is getting his data from a light mixing console which is also sending dmx signals to...
  4. T

    Quickshow/Beyond continuous show question

    Yo guys, I have a 6 song set that I programmed a show for in Quickshow. My original plan was to drag in the 24 minute set into the timeline and program everything in one timeline, but each song has a different BPM and I use a lot of BPM synced cues/effects. My solution was to create different...
  5. Z

    Linear (Once) FX not working

    Hi. I am on latest version of QS. I am trying to use oscillating fx zoom with linear (once) to zoom in when initially trigger then stop. It works in preview (when i hover over the cue) but when trigger displays at full, as if the effect is not present. I have reinstalled and this appears to be...
  6. lrryhll

    Quickshow + M1 + Parallels?

    Has anyone been able to run quickshow on an M1 Mac? I’ve tried and been told that it’s not possible due to the ARM architecture of apple silicon, but wouldn’t Rosetta emulate that? According to apple support: yes. Hoping for enlightenment here. Regardless, Pangolin: make a Mac app! DLL’s are so...
  7. K

    Oscilloscope Music -> QuickShow

    On Youtube there are many interesting videos of Oscilloscope Music. The .wav files associated with this are publicly available. The display is defined by the x/y specified by each of the stereo values in the .wav file. I happen to work for an oscilloscope manufacture and can probably have enough...
  8. K

    SOS! How to convert quickshow to mp4 converter

    Hi! How to convert quickshow to mp4 converter
  9. lrryhll

    Quickshow + Parallels + APC mini

    Hello! I am running QS via a Mac using parallels (Mojave). I have an APC mini, but can’t connect to QS. 1 of 2 things occurs: -Plug-In before QS startup: basically QS freezes as soon as I select the midi device settings tab ( -Plug-in after QS startup: freezes the program once...
  10. C

    How to connect multiple lasers

    Hello, Brand new here, and just received 3 lasers all with built in Pangolin FB4 These are all daisy-chained via the CAT5 cables in and out of the FB4, and quickshow reads they are all there, laser 1, laser 2, laser 3, it updated the firmware on them all soon as it was plugged in so its all...
  11. A

    QS Serato BPM plugin

    Hi, I have recently bought a new DJ controller that is supported by Serato, I currently use VDJ and the LaserBeat plugin works great for getting my track BPM into QS. I am thinking of starting to use Serato as it is more industry standard than VDJ where I live but I cannot find the Serato plug...
  12. Kent

    Efficient way to create animation in quick show

    HI, I am an Maya user, and I know how to create animation with Maya or Adobe After Effect. I have already known how to make animation frame by frame in quick show, however, the line work is not stable and good-looking. Is there any efficient way to make better animation in quick show with Maya...
  13. K

    Creating images with solid color (rather than outlined)

    Is is possible to create static images that are a solid color and not just an outline using QuickShow or another software? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  14. J

    Reducing number of points in a frame

    Hello everyone, I have created a frame using QuickTrace in QuickShow consisting of about 1000 points. Unfortunately, the scanrate of my laser doesn't seem to be made for such complex pictures, beacause I can clearly see the beam tracing the image. Even if I increase the Scanrate in the...
  15. Michael Lesko

    Control Quickshow ques from lighting control software on the same computer

    I've tried everywhere to find an answer and I'm hoping someone can help. I run QLC+ live during shows to control my lighting. Light ques are triggered through QLC+ via midi sequence ques on my synthesizer. QLC+ does not run in the background, it's in front because I do make some live cues as...
  16. M

    Timeline - Follow System BPM

    Hi, I'm new to QuickShow and struggling with some basic concepts which are not documented very well. I've created a QuickTimeline, set the Show Properties to measure time in BPM, I've set an arbitrary BPM value and then checked the "Follow System BPM" checkbox to ensure it maps to whatever BPM...
  17. F

    Help: How to gradually fade out a cue

    I'm quite new to Quickshow, but I'm struggling to find an elegant way to run multiple cues on a single laser without drastic brightness changes. If I have a single big wave running and then multiple little beams on top of that, the wave's brightness will drop because the laser has more work to...
  18. M

    Help to Effect to Flash Laser Like a Strobe

    Hi, I've been using Quickshow for only a short time and I'm struggling to build an Effect to create a fast flashing ON/OFF strobe like effect for cues. The best I came up with so far is to use a brightness effects using 0 and 100% but this give animated gradient transitions rather than the...
  19. G

    Fading cues played live

    Hi, I'm trying to set up a show which will be played live (from a MIDI pad) but where most of the effects fade in and out smoothly as they are started/stopped (in Flash mode). I've found the Dynamics tab and have set up a 'Cue start' and 'Cue finish' fade in/out effect, and this works well...
  20. A

    Parametric image and MIDI

    Hi, I'm unable to control the parameters of a parametric image with MIDI. In the input setup, I see MIDI1 is selectable but the Learn function does not work. Entering the channel and CC manually does not help either. I looks like the MIDI value is not passed to the parameter. The same applies...