Quickshow + Parallels + APC mini

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    Hello! I am running QS via a Mac using parallels (Mojave). I have an APC mini, but can’t connect to QS. 1 of 2 things occurs:

    -Plug-In before QS startup: basically QS freezes as soon as I select the midi device settings tab (

    -Plug-in after QS startup: freezes the program once recognized/causes an error. As soon as the device is unplugged all is good and back to normal.

    I am wondering if anyone has done this as well and if there may be some additional drivers needed on the PC front to recognize the device. Mac recognizes the device natively, but windows doesn’t have a native midi driver (using rtpMidi per several suggestions). Not imperative as I can still operate without it but want to experiment/tinker. Appreciate any insight/help and you.
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    Replying to this thread based on my interaction with support:

    This should simply just work. It’s plug and play, though it isn’t so for me. I’ve correctly selected the device only to be recognized via parallels. I am using an older Mac laptop (from 2015). I can only deduce that it likely needs more power and ram.
    My next step is to test with another Mac laptop that has much more processing power/ram, but is much older. I’ll follow up if this yields results.