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When creating a new Cue using Shape Editor, or any other generator types really, a cue that contains effects that loop like Oscillations, etc. I don't see a way to set the Cue to just play for a certain amount of time and then stop.

For instance, A Cue with a shape to start large and reduce in size to a single beam (using a Key effect - Size). This will just loop by default, how do I set the Cue to just play through that effect once and then stop or otherwise set the Cue play length so it doesn't loop.

Possible ways I see this happening:

- have some other effect that tells the Cue container to stop after a certain amount of time, or using the clock/ number of beats or something

- Have a setting in the Cue itself that just says to stop playing after a certain amount of time.

I see in the Cue properties dialog there is an Export tab where it looks like you can set a duration but doesn't seem to do anything. (it says "Cue contain Shape Duration is flexible").

Hmm... I don't see an Options Tab or anything that says limit cue duration in the Cue Properties.


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I don't see this specific method in BEYOND. Have you tried to create and limit it on the timeline? Then drag the preview back in a cue?
Woah... I didn't know that you could have multiple Cues each launching a different timeline or that dragging the Preview of a timeline to a Cue slot sets up that trigger.... Yes, that totally works and I believe this solves my issue entirely and then some... Thanks Bob.
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