1. Jezric

    Set a Cue Length

    When creating a new Cue using Shape Editor, or any other generator types really, a cue that contains effects that loop like Oscillations, etc. I don't see a way to set the Cue to just play for a certain amount of time and then stop. For instance, A Cue with a shape to start large and reduce in...
  2. Garrett_502

    Help with pangoscript and universe

    I’m setting up a universe with custom buttons commands. firstly. I have a few buttons that I’m using to toggle cues in the workspace. The problem I’m having is that when i press a cue button I’ve made in the universe with the toggle cue pangoscript command, it stops all the other cues in the...
  3. Garrett_502

    Problems with Autoplay list on fb4

    I'm trying to figure out the list autoplay function on the fb4 to play a set of cues sequentially in a loop. It seems pretty straight forward, but for some reason, it's just not doing it. I exported 4 cues in the autoplay list option and uploaded to the fb4. It plays the cues, but it doesn't...
  4. lorenzopompei

    OSC CUE trigger

    Hello everyone. Where i could find the exact procedure for OSC cue triggering?:confused: I have search in different tutorial but i didn't find any sources about OSC Is there any examples files showing the correct script? Thanks u Best
  5. G

    cue locked to a certain zone, cannot bring it back to main zone

    Hi, I managed to lock a certain cue to one zone somehow. could someone explain me a bit about that function? override zone selection function? usually i click any zone then a cue and that makes the same cue switch zones. other question, can one projector project on different zones at same...
  6. meeble

    Pangoscript questions...

    Hi there, I'm just starting to dive into Pangoscript, and have a couple questions: WaitForTimerBeat 1 This works for me, but how do I specify 1/8 notes or 1/16th notes, etc.? I've tried specifying a decimal number parameter with no success. StopZone 1, 1 What exactly does...
  7. T

    cue not displaying targets

    hi, when dragging a quick timeline show containing target cue's to an empty cue the targets are not displayed when played. if i drag the cue back on to a new timeline the targets are there and will display when played from the timeline. anyone found the same? look forward to hearing from...