cue locked to a certain zone, cannot bring it back to main zone

Discussion in 'Lasershow Designer QuickShow' started by green pattern, Dec 7, 2014.

  1. green pattern

    green pattern New Member

    Hi, I managed to lock a certain cue to one zone somehow. could someone explain me a bit about that function? override zone selection function?

    usually i click any zone then a cue and that makes the same cue switch zones.

    other question, can one projector project on different zones at same time? It doesn't seem like it, limits of the hardware i guess, that would make some seriously complex mapping.

  2. bikeraper

    bikeraper Active Member

    The first Projektor is working in every zone. Any more Projektors are working in just one zone.
  3. green pattern

    green pattern New Member

    Haa so its only the first one! nice one, thx works great.
    and last night in color setting I discovered analogue response, weird function, reduces number of colors but then does things with dots more precise for some specific cues works amazing.

    no one has any clues on how I locked a cue to one zone?
    or more how to unlock it!
  4. Aaron@Pangolin

    Aaron@Pangolin Staff Member

    It sounds like the cue properties are set to "Prevent rerouting" in the area where you can set the zones for that cue to route to.

    Yes, a projector can project to as many different zones as you have routed to it. I make my main projector settings size 100% and then geometrically correct each zone going to that projector in the projection zone settings. If I have a cue routed to two zones that are both going to this one projector it will output the cue twice, once in each zone. Note, this is sending the cue to the projector twice which can/will cause flickering since the projector is drawing the cue two times.
  5. green pattern

    green pattern New Member

    thank you, that really helped, I totally missed this prevent rerouting on top of quick capture button.
    real cool software, a lot of fun.