1. whiteg

    Zone on/off mirror button

    I want to use an on / off button in the universe to mirror Y axis of a given zone. Now, I was able to solve this with two separate button, I turn it on one, I turn it off the other button. How can I turn this on and off with one button?
  2. G

    cue locked to a certain zone, cannot bring it back to main zone

    Hi, I managed to lock a certain cue to one zone somehow. could someone explain me a bit about that function? override zone selection function? usually i click any zone then a cue and that makes the same cue switch zones. other question, can one projector project on different zones at same...
  3. meeble

    UnSelectZone not working?

    Hi, I have no problem selecting a zone with this Pangoscript code assigned to note on: SelectZone 1 But when I try to run this PS code assigned to note off, it doesn't work: UnSelectZone 1 Zone 1 just remains selected (with a green outline in the preview window) Now, this command works...
  4. meeble

    effects on Projection Zones?

    Hi there, I have been experimenting with adding Effects to projection zones. While I can add color based effects to a zone - none of the oscillating effects like "Roto Z" seem to work for me. Any ideas? Thanks!
  5. meeble

    Pangoscript questions...

    Hi there, I'm just starting to dive into Pangoscript, and have a couple questions: WaitForTimerBeat 1 This works for me, but how do I specify 1/8 notes or 1/16th notes, etc.? I've tried specifying a decimal number parameter with no success. StopZone 1, 1 What exactly does...
  6. meeble

    Trying to use QuickCapture to sequence

    Hi, I've been attempting to use QuickCapture to do zone sequencing tied to beats, but can't get any of the captured cues to be routed to anything but Zone1. I create new Sequence mode, then Change by beat. I then grab 4 cues, setting each one to a different Zone (Zone1 - Zone4). I did...
  7. meeble

    Customizing my APC40 with Pangoscript help

    Hi, I'm currently using BEYOND: Build 557, and the latest 3.1 APC40 template. 1. Currently, when I hit any of the "Toggle Zone Output" buttons, they toggle on and off, which is fine in some cases. What if I wanted to set up the APC40 so that whenever I hit a zone button, all other...