effects on Projection Zones?

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  1. meeble

    meeble Well-Known Member

    Hi there,

    I have been experimenting with adding Effects to projection zones. While I can add color based effects to a zone - none of the oscillating effects like "Roto Z" seem to work for me. Any ideas?

  2. Pangolin

    Pangolin Staff Member

    The ability to add an effect to a zone is extremely powerful. It means that any time you want to apply an effect -- to any image, from any where (timeline, live, etc.) all you need to do is send it to a zone that already has an effect. Since we offer many effects, including recoloring, surface-mapping, etc. this tool gives the user incredible power.

    All effects *should* work in the zone. But remember, a zone can specifically ask that no positional effects have action. This would be especially important for zones used for mirror targeting (for example).

    Please see the "Advanced" portion of the zone, to see if you have disabled the zone's ability to be influenced by master size, and positional effects.

    Note that while you can apply effects to any zone, personally I think this ability to add effects to zones makes the most sense for brand new zones you add, rather than to the Pangolin default zones.

    Best regards,

    William Benner
  3. meeble

    meeble Well-Known Member

    Thanks Bill,

    That was the issue. Here's another related question: When I set the "Roto Z" effect to "Linear (once)" mode, it seems to never actually do the rotation, but rather stays at the final rotational value always. How does one re-trigger the effect that is set to "Linear (once)" ?

  4. Pangolin

    Pangolin Staff Member

    The Effect inside the Zone uses "system time", which is always increasing. With this being the case, "Linear once" is not a very useful option in this area, since you can't re-trigger time.

    HOWEVER, there is something you can do very similar. On the right side of BEYOND, just below the preview window and above the sliders you will see buttons. The buttons are similar to those seen in QuickShow. The left-most button has a "world" icon on it. If this button is pressed, then everything below it affects "the master". So those controls will influence everything that is being output. The next button over is "cue" so if you press that, then all of the sliders and effect will influence the selected cue.

    If you "split the preview window" to the point where the preview window shows you individual zones, then you will see another button. That button allows you to have the sliders and such control "the selected zone". Note that you can press this button and then add an effect to it -- essentially making what is called a "zone effect". With THAT ONE Linear Once will work as you expect.

    Best regards,

    William Benner
  5. meeble

    meeble Well-Known Member

    Thanks, Bill, for that solution. :)
  6. Pangolin

    Pangolin Staff Member


    Alexey also reminded me to tell you that projection zones can also be accessed in ways other than simply "splitting" the preview window. They can be accessed through scripting (PangoScript) and/or using the Universe window.

  7. meeble

    meeble Well-Known Member

    Does the Linear (once) status get reset when selecting a zone via Pangoscript?
  8. Pangolin

    Pangolin Staff Member

    It could be that normal effects are your best bet if you want to do something "once".

    Above your are asking broad questions, but for us to understand how to help better, we need information about the specific nature of what you want to do and why. It could be that scripting would be best.
  9. meeble

    meeble Well-Known Member

    Ok, how about this for a more specific scenario:

    I have a random Projection Zone and random cue being started via PangoScript via midi input. This works fine. I have 4 zones, but I want zone4 to have a "Linear (once)" 90 degree rotation as triggered as soon as the cue starts. I do not want this effect on zone1, zone2, and zone3. But no matter which random cue is triggered, I want it to have that 90 degree rotation effect to occur if it is on zone4.

    Is this possible?
  10. ENOT

    ENOT Software Developer Staff Member

    Hi Meeble,

    A bit unexpected scenario, but yes - that is possible to do. BEYOND offer Events. This nothing to do about the timeline. It made for interaction between Scripts, Effects, Images, Audio, Beats, and so on. There are Events with predefined names, there are Events names by you. Let me show you example how to make it

    Put this code into PangoScript tab and start it:

    CodeName "Waiter" // give any name you want...
    Autostart // start code automatically after BEYOND start.
    WaitForCueStart -1,-1 // wait for any cue on any page
    displaypopup "it works" // message, will help you to see that it works
    PulseEvent "MEEBLE" // pulse event with name "MEEBLE"
    restart // restart the script form beginning

    Main commands there are WaitForCueStart and PulseEvent. The rest is a "service" around it. So, OK, we have a script that will activate "something" that wait for it.

    The second part is Effect. One of simplest ways is open Projection Zone settings, Effect tab, add Rotation wave effect. At bottom of panel with effect settings we have button Action. It open another window. There... enable "Enable Front action", set Event to "MEEBLE", set duration to 1, or whatever you want. Close dialog, close PZ dilaog.

    That is all. Each time as cue start, the script will pulse event, and event will activate effect. It works for all effects, in all places - timeline, cue, whatever.

  11. ENOT

    ENOT Software Developer Staff Member

    In general, the Effect inside Zone made for other purpose. Effect in Zone allow to add "final filter" of the data stream.

    Recommended thing for zone effect is Zone FX or Zone live control.

  12. meeble

    meeble Well-Known Member

    Wow, thank you, Alexey. This sounds very powerful. I'm excited to test it out and see what all is possible with these Events. I'm sure I'll have more questions for you soon. ;)

  13. meeble

    meeble Well-Known Member

    Is there any way to set the duration to a specific beat length here? :)