Customizing my APC40 with Pangoscript help

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    I'm currently using BEYOND: Build 557, and the latest 3.1 APC40 template.

    1. Currently, when I hit any of the "Toggle Zone Output" buttons, they toggle on and off, which is fine in some cases. What if I wanted to set up the APC40 so that whenever I hit a zone button, all other buttons are auto toggled off and only that zone is toggled on. Is this easily possible? What I want to be able to to do is on the down beat, trigger a cue on Zone 1, then an 8th note later trigger the same cue to Zone 2. As it is now, I have to hit each zone 1, trigger the cue, hit zone 1 again to deselect, then click zone 2, trigger the cue, then hit zone 2 again to deselect.

    2. Let's say I wanted to have a single button do the following: (A) Select Zone 1, trigger cue 1, which is a rhythmic one off cue, (B) Deselect Zone 1, (C) wait 1/8 note, (D) select Zone 2, (E) Trigger cue 1, (F) Deselect Zone 2.

    The idea is being a rhythmic trigger delay of sorts. Can someone get me started with some pangoscript for that behavior?

    3. While working on this, I discovered that if you have a specific Cue running on Zone 1, and then Toggle or Restart that same cue on Zone 2, nothing happens on Zone 2, but rather the cue on Zone 1 is toggled or restarted. Is there some way around this? Otherwise, if I want to the same cue at different times to different zones, it seems I have to make multiple copies of the same cue?

    4. This is minor, but for some reason, when I select any of zones 1-3, the corresponding buttons light up correctly on the APC40, but when zone 4 is selected, it doesn't ever light up. Strange.

    5. When editing the APC40 settings, I see a section called "MIDI Surface - Secondary Grid". How do I access this on the APC40?

    6. Is there any way to use the APC40's "SHIFT" mode with BEYOND?

    7. Is there any kind of full PangoScript documentation/tutorials available or in the works?

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    My answers in between;

    At the moment this is not that easy. Im already investigating an option where buttons can have dual functions. When that becomes reality, this can be easily be done.

    I Think what your trying to do is an sequence.
    This is already possible in scripting, but our dev team is already in the process of creating an gui which can do this as well, so it might be worth while to wait.

    Check in the PangoScript editor for the command;

    "waitforbeat 1,1"

    codename "example"
    controlzone 1
    startcue 1,1    //page 1 , cue 1 
    waitforbeat 8,1
    stopcue 1,1
    controlzone 2
    startcue 1,1
    waitforbeat 8,1
    stopcue 1,1
    startcode "example"
    I think you need to enable Multi cue. If I understand you correctly.

    Everything lights up over here...
    Is there something wrong with your APC? when you turn it on and watch the Demo (by not connecting it to your pc and wait) , will it light up then?

    Well, at the moment you can't. cause there are not enough buttons on the APC40. You can can connect an second APC40, and train the buttons.

    But the secondary grid its purpose is mainly for show designing.

    I never used it during live performance.

    I have configured the APC40 to operate in Mode 2.
    So the shift function is not available on the APC40.
    This means that this "shift" function, will come to Beyond.
    But where not there yet!!

    Its in the works, But the most is already explained in the PangoScript editor.
    Behind most script lines there is a little bit of explanation.

    But full documentation will come. However.. There is an difference between learning somebody to script or to document what script capabilities can do.
    Till an certain hight we will explain how to handle scripting, but as scripting literally has unlimited possibilities, we can't document everything.


  3. meeble

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    sounds great.

    Yes, exactly. Sequencing the same cue to multiple zones/projectors based on various timing delays and rotations. I am needing to do some cool stuff for Decibel fest coming around the corner, so waiting isn't the best plan. :)

    Thanks for the sample code - I'll mess around with it and report back!

    Actually, even with Multi-cue enabled, when I trigger the same cue to a new zone, the original cue on the first zone keeps getting restarted or toggled. So far, the only way I've been able to figure it out is to have 4 duplicate cues and trigger a different one for each zone - that way they all maintain their own timing. Was that more clear? I'd love to figure out a way to not have so many duplicate cues.

    Yep, that button lights up fine normally and during the demo. Not sure why it isn't lighting up when the 4th zone is selected. I only have 4 zones configured in my setup - could that affect it? hmmm...

    But, If I connected another APC40, wouldn't it have its own configuration pages with another duplicate "Secondary Grid" section?

    Looking forward to that. What about using one of the built in footswitch inputs on the APC40 to "shift" or modulate to an alternate mode? Just thinking out loud. I don't know much about the APC40 modes and what Mode 2 is...

    Well, anything is a good start. I'm pretty good naturally with coding, so I hope to be able to wrap my brain around Pangoscript soon. ;)

  4. Bob@Pangolin

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    When you right click on multi cue, which are enabled?

    Basically not, currently it uses the first 8 zones in the zone list.

    You can connect 4 USB driven midi devices to Beyond.
    Every controller gets its own configuration pages, and you can define every controller as you like.

    A foot switch is nothing more than an button in a box.
    It should send a midi command, never tested it do...
    If this is indeed the case. it should be definable in Beyond.

    But for me a foot switch would not work, as I'm standing when performing.
    Otherwise I can't oversee the crowd.
  5. meeble

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    8 per Grid. I've tried all of the settings - if I'm trying to trigger a single cue to multiple zones at different times, it doesn't work.

    So, I wonder how we can troubleshoot this?
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  6. meeble

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    Any ideas, Bob?

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  7. Bob@Pangolin

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    Hi Meeble, sorry for my late response, I looked over this one..
    Ill send you an PM so you can contact me trough mail.

    I think that will make things easier.