Efficient way to create animation in quick show


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HI, I am an Maya user, and I know how to create animation with Maya or Adobe After Effect. I have already known how to make animation frame by frame in quick show, however, the line work is not stable and good-looking.
Is there any efficient way to make better animation in quick show with Maya? or how to draw stable line works just like the default cues in Quick Show?
(I know there is Max converter and Flash converter, but I am not a Max user and Flash is kind of out of date, so.....I am looking for a better way for Maya user like me. )
I found a software also from Pangolin called "TraceIt" which can help me to trace image sequence. The result turns out ok, but not perfect. It saves me some time to quick-trace frames manually. Here is my another question:
Is there any way in TraceIt to trace color from the image also? So far I can trace a black-white Image with "center line" setting and get a white out-line result in TraceIt, but when I import a colored version, the software can't analysis the right color.
Hi, Kent!
The "big brother" QuickShow - Beyond has the function of coloring laser graphics on a bitmap image.
However, the way to high-quality laser graphics today "lies" through 3DS MAX and Cinema 4D.
As a specialist in Maya, it is not difficult for you to master one of the software (3DS MAX or Cinema 4D) and then with the help of Beyond you will make the best laser graphics.
Traceit is the simplest tool and the result of its operation is also very simple.