Creating images with solid color (rather than outlined)


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Is is possible to create static images that are a solid color and not just an outline using QuickShow or another software? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Hi, Katelyn!
Maybe I didn't quite understand your question.
You can drawing with solid color in the Frame Editor or use the Recolor function.
For example, this image of a stop sign. I would like to make it such that all of the blank space in between the red outline and the word "STOP" is red instead of blank. Does that make any more sense?


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Generally speaking, this task "yesterday" was not for a laser, but for a video projector.
But more recently, a new "Beam brush" technology has appeared, with the help of which it becomes possible.
However this requires a special laser projector and the Beyond software.
Thank you for clarifying! Could you give a few examples of projectors with this technology and/or let me know what I should look for if I want to shop for one with this capability?
Hi, Katelyn!
BeamBrush are it’s own type of lasers, and are modified versions of our existing
and ATOM

Essentially we are taking existing ClubMAX and ATOM models, and integrating the BeamBrush technology inside.

We also have a new housing, that accommodates those.
For pricing, you can take the cost of an existing ClubMAX or ATOM laser, and then the BeamBrush integration is $3,500 per unit additional.

The official release of Beyond, with support for the BeamBrush feature, will be released in January 2021

You can see what it looks like here