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Discussion in 'Lasershow Designer QuickShow' started by Keith Rule, Apr 10, 2022.

  1. Keith Rule

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    On Youtube there are many interesting videos of Oscilloscope Music. The .wav files associated with this are publicly available. The display is defined by the x/y specified by each of the stereo values in the .wav file. I happen to work for an oscilloscope manufacture and can probably have enough background to turn the .wav into a series of images to be imported in QuickTrace.

    My questions are:
    1) Has anyone already put oscilloscope music into a show? If someone has done this, it would save me a bunch of time.
    2) Has anyone done rotoscoping in "Quicktrace+Animation Editing" by turning a bunch of images into an an animation? Can this be done in an automated or semi-automate way? This seems like the most likely way to approach. Alternatively, it might be possible to create a .ilda file directly (I read the spec and it doesn't look terrible - but will take a fair amount of time to build).

    I'm putting together a show with a Kavant ClubMax 10 owned by a small community (to replace the annual fireworks show). As with most volunteer positions, labor is free - software isn't. I was volunteered because I have a technical background, not an artistic background. I'm looking for ideas that aren't just assembled from clipart found in Quickshow (they seem to get repetitive) - this looks like a possible winner being both interesting and free.

    I'm definitely open to other suggestions.

  2. Keith Rule

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    To answer my own questions - yes it is possible to turn the sound files into an ilda file. I've spent most of the week writing a prototype - which works fairly well. I've successfully imported the result into Quickshow. I've run into the expected issues like audio synchronization. But that's a minor issue. I need to clean up the result and see how it looks through a laser. My fingers are crossed that I can pull this together for our next event.
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    I've succeeded in converting (poorly) an oscilloscope music file into a QSHW file. It's from this video: (96) C. Allen | Factory Floor (Oscilloscope Music) - YouTube. The author released the video and the music with a creative commons license. As such, the same license applies to the file below.


    I considered posting this to the Pangolin Cloud, but these are very different than what is usually posted. I don't have a good way of verifying that these shows will work on any other laser project than the one I have. If you try this, please let me know if it works for you.