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Discussion in 'Laser Safety' started by Simon Brewis, Aug 8, 2017.

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    Hi - I'm using a Cameo IODA RGY 400 and a KAM Energy SD1 1500 RGB - from what I've read I should be wearing goggles when using these at short distances (ie testing shows in my house) and with reflections inc diffuse ones - can anybody recommend any protective eye wear please-laser spec is below
    SD1 =
    Laser power
    550mW 638nm red laser
    150mW 532nm green laser
    800mW 450nm blue laser
    IODA =
    300mW 637nm red laser
    120mW 532nm green laser
    I've found glasses which cover some of the spectrum but can't find a combination of them all.
    I've done some research re audience distance/safety too but it's quite overwhelming. Is there a calculator available which will calculate safe operating parameters for public/club use?
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    Check out this link . But still, watch out with those beams!.