Safety of scanning audience with laser

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    I have a laser (DS-1800RGB) what do i need to buy for my laser to make it safe to scan the audience (some kind of lens or filter etc.) I found this lens i want to buy for my laser (Pangolin DiscoScan 2.0 - wide angle lens) and im wondering how to use the safety lens/filter with it. Thanks in advance.
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    There are several things you should or can do to make it safer/safe for your crowd

    1. use a BAM (beam attenuation map) to lower the power in regions where the audience is present.
    2. Please learn about MPE (Maximum Permissable Exposure) so you can learn about the powers that still make into the crowd
    3. Get a strong pangolin safety scan lens.
    These are half cut lenses with the aim to diverge the beam more in the crowd area.. your crowd wont notice the difference.

    Please do know it's not a good idea to start of crowdscanning without proper practice and training.. it's your crowd at stake so you need to invest serious time to guarantee that what you are doing is safe enough.
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