Safety Scan Lenses: awful support from Pangolin

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by smokeAndMirrors, Mar 23, 2012.

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    I was sort of interested in the new Pangolin Safety Scan Lenses plugged in the last newsletter. I couldn't find a link to any information on the Pango website, so I emailed Justin (as indicated on the newsletter) for more info. I am disappointed to say I was drip-fed unsatisfactory answers and I am only slightly the wiser now. Here is a summary of that conversation:

    Me: I'm interested in the lenses, how much are they?

    Justin: $695 for the set of 6 plus shipping, or $130 each. Do you want to buy some they are selling fast?

    Me: ok... the 6 lenses are not the same? what are the differences?

    Justin: you can buy six lenses the same or six different lenses. Do you want to buy some they are selling fast?

    Me: sorry, I'm not understanding. The lenses... they increase beam divergence?

    Justin [impatiently] YES.

    This left me still wanting to know exactly how much each of the lenses diverges, and still not understanding which ones I should buy if any. Guys: you could appear to be a lot more interested in selling people stuff, y'know!
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    Please forgive Justin; he is at Prolight and Sound in Germany and is in Trade Show mode right now.

    As for the lenses, the best I can do is to tell you what the diopter range is:
    -1, -2, -3, -4, -5, and -6. I think you can take the diopter value to find the divergence but I don't have the formula to do the math. :eek: I'll see if I can get some more detailed documentation for you; when I do, I'll hit you up in PM here or on PL to get an email address to send it to you. :D
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    Did Justin actually type "Impatiently" or was that your own interpretation of his response?
  4. smokeAndMirrors

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    He typed:

    Thanks for your email.

    YES, each lens increases the divergence of the beam by a different amount

    Naughty shouty letters!
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    Safety Scan Lenses

    Hello Everyone,

    First, I want to apologize if my reply about the lenses was not as detailed as one would like... I completely understand this, and will tailor my future replies to try and overcome this.

    The answer to the questions posted by Smoke and Mirrors - "exactly how much each of the lenses diverges the beam" is not as easy as it may seem to answer... In fact, it requires a detailed calculation that in most cases is quite hard to understand. So I have tried to tailor my replies to be as simple as possible, so that the majority people out there get the general concept of what the lenses can do.

    In any event, to note... The "specification" of the lenses is simply that our lenses are made in diopters. So for example, our "lens #1" is negative 1 diopter. Our "lens #5" is negative 5 diopters. And we offer six lenses ranging from negative one diopter to negative six diopters. You can buy these as individual lenses, or get a complete set in which you also get a discount.

    Now, for some math...

    Diopter is equal to 1/ Focal Length (in meters). So -1 diopters is -1 meter focal length. -5 diopters is -200mm focal length.

    As for the effect each lens has on divergence, we have found that this is surprisingly a complex topic -- the main reason being that it depends on the M2 (quality) of the laser beam. The higher the M2, the less perfect the laser beam is, and the greater the effect our lens will have on it. That's one reason why we sell the complete set. People should try a number of lenses, do safety testing, and choose the best one for the job.

    I hope this information proves useful. We are working on a "table" which help to clarify this, and make choosing a lens for each application more clear, but it is a complex task to do this calculation for all of the different show scenarios which exist. We recently went to the LSDI studio to perform some tests, and will be presenting this data in a nice convenient chart form, along with a manual, webpage, etc soon.

    Please feel free to email me with any other questions as I am happy to help in anyway possible.

    Best Regards,

    Justin Perry
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    Hi Justin

    Perhaps it would be good to make the manual available online somewhere as I think it goes a long way to explaining how they work.

    Julian, I've got 8 lenses in the post so I'll do a more complete overview on PL once they arrive
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    As a side note i wonder if you could do some video using same laser and some color and beam movements and use each lens so we can also see the difference between -1 right through to your -5 diopters. :)