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  1. Astatic

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    I would like to copy the midi settings (mappings) i made in Beyond for the Akai APC-40.
    Could i copy them to another laptop with Beyond or do i have to do all the mappings manual again?
  2. Aaron@Pangolin

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    I'll have to pass this one up for a reply; once I get the answer I'll post it for you. :cool:
  3. Astatic

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    No problem.
    Maybe i'll already found the solution. %)
    In Beyond 1.4 Build 424 there is an option under "settings - midi surface settings - export"

    Only problem is that the midi output commands doesn't work properly when i re-open beyond or reset LC settings.
    I want to use the Akai APC40 midi controller and want to control the lights in it when i press a button.
    Alexey is looking for me by mail.
  4. dennisthemenace

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    Hi, any chance you would like to share you apc mapping?
    Did you get the feedback from the workspace to correspond with the lights on the apc?

    My email is dennis at menace . se :)

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  5. timbo

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    Hi Astatic,

    I have made a fairly complex MIDI config for a Livid OHM RGB controller.
    Now, I've been having issues with the physical unit but that is another story!

    When exporting the MIDI config, I too had the same problems- instead to transfer from workstation to workstation, you can move the raw config files.

    Your Beyond installation directory contains a file within the SYSTEM sub directory called BeyondMidiSurface.bdat
    I was able to copy this file (and a few others for good measure) in order to migrate MIDI configs.
    From memory, I may have had to map the MIDI device to the Beyond MIDI port 1 on the new instance of Beyond - sorry did this months ago!

    Maybe the pangolinshows website could have an area to upload such configurations? It took quite a while entering all the MIDI note / CC data to get the colours and feedback working they way I wanted.


  6. Astatic

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    Sorry for my late answer!
    I didn't finished the mappings at the moment, i have some other things which i have to finish first.
    I found a way to get feedback to the APC40 to let the lights work, the only problem is that after a reset or shut down Beyond all will be lost.
    No solution at the moment!

    @ Timbo

    I could copy the file you found, i also found that one, but there is a export option in Beyond which i think is made for what we want. %)