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    Is there anyway to save Demo Projectors to a specific show for programming/demo purposes?

    Let's say I set up a NEW show called "A". Assign all of my demo projectors to their zones and program the show. Save show, workspace, and zone file.

    Then I want to load up show "B" and run an actual show. I connect control hardware and load show "B". Run the show and done.

    Then later, I want to go back and finish programming show "A" with nothing but the demo projectors from earlier. There's no way to get them back. I'm stuck adding and assigning all of them back into the show.

    Is there anyone else that can relate to this?

    I just want to be able to program on the go and be in the same place that I left off without the hassle of assigning demo projectors back to their zones every time.

    Again, this is solely for demo/pre-programming purposes. Once the time comes, I take out the demo projectors and assign hardware. Make sense?
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    A couple of quick notes that should help to understand how to use it.

    Projection zone use index/number of projector for identification of the output. For projection zone the list and order of projectors is important.

    Timeline, events, and all other Images use zone names for identification. Zone name is a string. So, zones may be defined in any order in PZ dialog. Also, zone may have more than one name. You may create zone with 10 names and it will work.

    What I would do in your place situation? I would have separated zone files for each computer but with equal zone names.

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