Scan angle and max area coverage

Discussion in 'Projection lenses' started by spacerockets, Nov 20, 2003.

  1. spacerockets

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    In "Wide angle projection device", you write is necessary a minumum scan angle of 30
  2. johnfl68

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    G120's can scan up to 40
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    Thanks John !
    In fact, in another topic I have asked if someone could advise to me about amplifiers to obtian best performances with G120. In Pangolin web site are mentioned "turbo tracks" amplifier, so I've tried to contact LSDI by email to know prices, but i haven't reply yet. Maybe you can help me again ? ;)

  4. johnfl68

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    I'm sorry, but unfortunately I can not give you any further information concerning TurboTracks and avialability. Please send email to regarding this.

  5. spacerockets

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    Ok John, thanks. I'll do that. :N

  6. DJFLASH66

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    I am about to buy a projector soon need info

    I tried all sort of G120's and did no like the response time. I mean they are great and work fine but bulky and sort of slow. I looked around at a bunch of stuff coming out of China and they worked well but only for a short period of time then they sort of poop out and die lol...costly!

    The reason I started to look at these things is a friend of mine just got me into lasers. I have been an electrical engineer for years and a DJ on the side.

    One of my aspirations was to build my own projector. Now I do not have the mula for a new 1/4 or even 1/2 watt diode but I was able to get a Reliant 250M.
    It was out of an old Mobolaser unit and I finally got it to run after a few days of pulling my hair out and backwards engineering it to trouble shoot it.

    Lol it turned out to be an opto blown.

    I will have to beam mix using a 250 mw red but I was able to get my greens and blues now at around 250mw.

    I also picked up an old pangolin system. Right now it is in pieces but give me time I will have it worked out soon.

    One of my questions is before I start buying stuff for my new / old projector is:

    Has anyone used the Skyscan?

    I heard it has even a faster smaller mini type of scanner block in it.

    I found it here:

    Please let me know if you have used one of these projectors. I may go that way instead.
  7. Pangolin

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    WOW, I didn't even know LaserWorks was still in business!

    We haven't evaluated their scanners in years, but for most consistent results found in the industry we would only recommend high-end scanners such as Cambridge model 6215, or the higher-end Chinese scanners (that is, higher end for Chinese scanners, not higher-end when compared to Cambridge) such as the DT-40 or scanners made by Sonima.

    Best regards,

    William Benner