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    When I run my projectors in DMX mode, the scan angle is substantially bigger than the FB3 supports, even with the sizes maxed out. Further, there is remarkably little vertical / horizontal play - if I try to move a projection zone down or up it just ends up being squashed. This happens on two projectors made by different companies. My engineer's attempts to adjust the scanners using the internal pots make a small difference, but not much. Is this expected behaviour? I have DT-30 scanners in my projectors, if that makes a difference.
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    I'm not sure about DMX but my DT25's are controlled via FB and Quickshow, i have no problems adjusting my window area in software. I certainly would not change the pots on the scanner amps as they are tuned to the spec of the galvos - Any tuning outside of the spec would possibly damage them and possibly void the 2 year warranty.

    Maybe the scan angle is limited by the exit window on the projector?

    In general i get my projector pointing roughly where i want it, if any keystoning exists its easily corrected in Quickshow. Maybe control the projector via a computer? I just use a cheap netbook - works perfectly
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    After an exchange of emails with Bill@Pango, it transpires that my FB3 SE requires a differential output board to increase the angle of scan. Note that the FB3 XE doesn't need this board - baffling, really, in terms of knowing what to buy. Both XE and SE should be equivalent (give or take the housing, obviously), IMHO.
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    Well, not really. The SE was really the product for OEM companies to use in their projectors, so they would spec which bits they wanted for their use (DMX daughterboard, differential outputs, etc). Thats what the 'eval' kit was/is all about. A way to purchase one with all the options to see what you need.

    The XE was to satisfy the consumer market and so came with the most common features deemed necessary for that market.

    Your requirements were subtly different in that you needed DMX in, which does not feature on the XE. So you needed the SE, which has a few options, one of which is the diff board.