Scan rate control via FB4

Discussion in 'FB series of products' started by target, Feb 25, 2019.

  1. target

    target Member

    Is it possible to control scan rate via FB4 more than 30k?
    It looks like FB4 can only decrease scan rate from 30k to 6k. But what if I want 40-50-60k?
    What i mean: when I create shape at beyond with many points per frame, I add frame effect of scan rate to 150-200% and it looks good, no flickering OR I increase scan rate at main settings.
    But when export it to DMX, beyond ignores scan rate settings and scan rate effects and set it by default to 30k.
    So when I control my effect via lighting console it flicks and I can only decrease scan rate even lower, but not increase.
    Why? and how is it possible to set on FB4?
  2. Matzkatz

    Matzkatz Member

    I have the same question... The standalone function of the FB4 is great, but sometimes the scanspeed is to low.
    Is there a possibility to increase it?
  3. nor

    nor Active Member

    And I´d like to go even lower than 6000 sometimes, for effect. Not possible?