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    I have a show with a single projector with 6215 – 60K

    People come of the bus in the desert in total darkness
    They walk through a crick in the dark
    When the people reach point 1 I do effects around them
    When the people reach point 2 I project graphics and raster on a mountain side

    For the effects I want to set the scanners at 18K
    For the graphics 30K
    And for the raster 60K

    Can I set different scan rate to different zones?
    Can I set a scan rate to a block of frames?

    Bad solutions
    In LD I can give each frame a scan rate
    I can make a master effect with a scan rate to each track in each module

    What is biggest angle I can run the scanners at 60K?
    When creating a raster frame: is the 73Px55L, 10 deg, 20Hz option is for 60K

    Thank you
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    Why bad solutions?
    I would also suggest dinamically setting scan rate one of those two ways.
    It works for me very well.

    Yes. In LD go to first desired frame, click on "Block begin" button. Go to last desired frame and click on "Block end" button.
    Then select Advanced mode, change scan rate and it will ask if you wish to change jutst one frame or complete block. Select Block.
    That's all.

    Well, I can not give you exact formula.
    I do this with full-size ILDA test frame (12k).
    1. Make zone size small
    2. project ILDA test frame with desired speed
    3. increase zone size until image gets distorted (read ILDA test pattern manual). This is max size for desired speed.


    1. set desired zone size
    2. set speed to low value
    3. increase speed until image gets distorted (read ILDA test pattern manual). This is max speed for desired size.
    Look for "circle and square" - speed parameters.

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    Hi aly
    Thank you
    It does work changing the scan rate for a block of frames

    Regarding the scan angle I want to be on the safe side for the scanners
    And not rely on my eyes
    What is the CTI specs?
    4, 7, 8, deg. For 60K?
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    It looks like you just need to set up your projection zones first, then assign your frames to the zone you would like them to go to. There are some exceptions, but thats for later......

    Go to View - test frames, and select the ILDA 30k test pattern, and write it to frame 1.

    Now go to Projection zones and output the frame. Change the geometric correction on zone 1 to be where you want the area, and change the scanner settings so you get a reasonable looking test pattern/scan rate balance - personally, for spacial effects, 24k works for me.

    Now stop that zone outputting the image and go to the next zone (say zone 2) - do the same but set it up for your rasta/graphics zone.

    It might be good to make zone 1 a 'safe' zone because when you create a frame in LD, it will be created in zone 1 by default so have it point up away from eyes, onto a wall you can see easily. (After you make your frame you can assign it to a different scanner in LD)

    Remember to save what you have as the default!

    Now after you made your frames, you can specify what zone it goes to as explained by the other guys, then showtime and LD will only ever send the frame to the correct zone (except if you have set the track to direct it's output to a specific zone - but thats for later.....)

    It's also worth mentioning that if you scan a 'spacial' or ariel frame with too few points and too fast, you won't achieve the best brightness. Also, the scan rate of a raster scanned image affects the blanking/colour timing within the image.