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    is it possible to limit the scan speed maximum in the APC40 MIDI profile to 100%?
    I know the speed never exceeds the maximum pps set in the projector settings but 100% scan speed when the scan speed slider is in max position would work better for me then 200%.

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    The speed maximum of the scanners is limited by the projector settings.

    Even if the scan speed slider is at 200% it will never scan faster than the projector settings in Beyond!

    You can see the red circle on the image below where to set the maximum scan speed of the projector.

    Make sure you set this setting appropriately, corresponding to the specifications provided by your scanner aka laser producer.

    On the APC40 the slider is mapped In midi surface, live control and fx.

    Obviously you can change the range by hand.
    (The range of the slider that is.)

    Remove the scan speed slider assignment on the midi to slider panel, and add a script on the preferred slider like:

    ScanRate extvalue(0,100)

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