Scenes not being displayed by the laser

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  1. Camsy

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    Hi there,

    I recently bought the Quickshow package and a Golden Star S-RGB2000 laser. When I connect the Quickshow via the FB3 to the laser and tell it to show the cue/scene I have set up, it only shows the lasers built-in default show, not the cue on the Quickshow.

    I have made sure the laser output is enabled on the software and the FB3 controller has a red-blinking light when I turn on the cue.

    I have noticed that when I try and play more complex cues, the light being emitted from the laser becomes streaky (broken up, not a solid line). It doesn't show the cue I want but it's like the cue on my Quickshow is somehow effecting the laser still. And when I turn the cue off, so there's nothing on Quickshow, the light being emitted from the laser is turned off too.

    Is this a problem with my settings or how I've setup Quickshow? Or is this something wrong with the laser itself? Help would be much appreciated, thanks.
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  2. Pangolin

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    Dear Camsey,

    The flashing red light indicates "laser emission" from the FB3. That sounds correct.

    Lasers with a built-in pattern generator understand when they should stop displaying the internal pattern based on a connection being sensed between the FB3 and the laser projector. So if that connection is not being sensed, then you will see what you are seeing.

    It makes me wonder if the cable that you are using to connect the FB3 to the projector is good, or if there are other similar factors involved.

    Best regards,

    William Benner
  3. Camsy

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    Before I plug in the ILDA cable, the auto show plays. When I plug it into the laser, the auto show disappears. It's only when I then bring up a cue and tell the software to enable the laser that the auto show resumes it's playing.

    You think that the cable is what is causing the issues? I'll try and use a different cable tomorrow and let you know the results.

    Here is some pictures showing the issue.
    My screen, showing what should be getting displayed by the laser:
    The FB3, that red light flashes on and off regularly:
    What is actually coming out of the laser (the autoshow):
  4. Bob@Pangolin

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    It could be that the laser is displaying one of its 128 basic patterns.

    So it could be in auto, music or DMX512 mode.

    Are you sure the laser is put in ILDA mode?
  5. Camsy

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    I think this could be the issue. I'm trying to navigate the menu and the options it gives are 'DMX512, Auto, Music, Settings'. I just assumed that Auto meant it would be put into ILDA mode when I plugged it in. How do I go about changing it to ILDA mode?

    Your help is very much appreciated!
  6. Bob@Pangolin

    Bob@Pangolin Staff Member

    Is there no manual of the Laser?

    There are literally thousands of lasers, everyone with their own manual.
    Maybe you can contact Golden Star to get an manual of this device.

    PS, "normally" auto means, running on its own in a step sequence program..
  7. Satchmo

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    Hi Camsy

    Don't worry about the LCD settings - these projectors auto -detect when you are using ILDA. It sounds like it is trying to display ILDA but then boots back to Auto display when it can't use the display settings . The fact that that Auto display cuts out when you plug in the FB3 shows the auto-detect is working.

    Do you have your projector settings set correctly?

    Looking in the catalog I notice that the projector is TTL display colour type and 20k scanners so make sure they are set correctly in Quickshow.

    Hope this helps.
  8. Camsy

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    I've had it set to TTL and 20k scanners in Quickshow, so I don't think it's the settings in the software that's the issue. I've sent Goldenstar a message asking them about it, hopefully that'll yield results.
  9. Camsy

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    So Goldenstar wasn't very much help, however I went out and purchased a new ILDA cable to see if that was the issue and it turns out it was. The laser seems to be working fine now.

    My only trouble is whenever tell the laser to emit a single beam (either as a beamtarget or just in a scene with a single dot) the laser stops emitting light. Is that a safety feature built into Quickshow or is it being blocked by the laser machine itself?
  10. Aaron@Pangolin

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    QuickShow does not have a safety feature like that, although when you zoom a frame out it will fade as it starts to get really small (for safety).

    Static beams are not affected by this unless they are zoomed out or scaled down. My testing shows you need to zoom out almost 90% before my projector starts to fade a static beam.

    It sounds to me that your projector has a generic scan fail device that is seeing a static beam as something "too small" and is somehow turing off your lasers when something is projected that seems like a scanner failure to it. I have another projector that has something similar installed in it. I just tested both projectors and one will allow a static beam from QS and one will not.
  11. Camsy

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    Is there anything I can do to work around the scan fail device? Or is it something I'll just have to deal with? Thanks again.
  12. Aaron@Pangolin

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    Short of opening up your projector and removing the device, no.