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  1. Is there a way to save the screen layout so that it opens with the same configuration each time?

    Due to screen size, I like to undock the preview window and also have the enhanced reality window open to the side of the cue screen, but find that whenever I restart beyond I need to reset my preferred layout.
  2. I should add that I have saved the workspace and whilst the enhanced reality window opens in the same place, the preview window needs to be undocked each time, then adjusted.
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    Sorry for delay. In coming build Preview window will store its state and position.

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  4. Thx Alexy.

    I have another question now that I have my iPad running with Beyond. Im using the iPad as a second screen with the intention to use it as a touch screen for the universe window.

    If I open the universe max screen, it goes full screen on the main computer monitor, seemingly unable to be moved across to the second screen. My work around is to use the edit screen for the universe, however this results in a reduced screen size due to the menus layout - after having deselected the view options.

    I'm wondering if it is either possible to resize the universe max window to allow it to shift it across to another monitor, or enable the edit screen to go full size within its own window (thus hiding all the menus whilst using).

    Pics may help explain:


    After deselecting the view options this is the largest I can get the screen to appear. Ideally I'd like this to be full screen like the univerese max screen
    to make use of the whole screen

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    Yes, right. UMAX window need some way to control the monitor. We will work on it.