script to start cue along another cues path

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    looking for a way to have the start point of a second cue (could be drawn, or parametric, not sure whats easiest yet) defined by 50% halfway point along path of another cue. Not sure what commands I can use to look up positional data on where in the first path to start the second cue's path. I don't see anything that can reference the frame analyzer, or the frame editor to get the point count and divide total points by 1/2. I thought maybe if visible points drawing out was controlled by a channel(or parameter?), and when that channel hits halfway then start second cue. At any rate, not sure the best way to grab positional data to use for pango scripts. If I can't get data from the frame or shape, then maybe I can have the the write out data controlled by a channel that can be referenced. I realize I could just overlay frames 'manually' but I wanted to see if there was a way to automate this, and also I had some other scripts in mind once I figure out how to grab more data (positional, color, anchor points etc) to run scripts on.

    Still struggling with syntax, are there any examples outside of help menu of some codes with variables, operators, and 'if then' statements? Those are the one's I'm having the most trouble getting syntax correct on.
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    So .. if i understand you correctly, you want to start a new cue when the original playing cue is at 50% of its internal timeline?

    And you want to "measure" the content of a cue to extract colors. anchor points etc?