Scrolling Text in LIVEPRO

Discussion in 'Lasershow Converter Series (MAX, FLASH, 4D)' started by Walt Meador, Dec 7, 2003.

  1. Walt Meador

    Walt Meador Beta Tester

    I need some help in assignment of a DMX channel in LivePro to display scrolling text
  2. johnfl68

    johnfl68 Active Member


    If we understand your question correctly, you want to triger scrolling text event from a DMX source? At this time Pangolin/LivePro does not accept DMX control to trigger events, only MIDI triggers.

  3. Pangolin

    Pangolin Staff Member

    Hi John,

    Great response and a pretty good guess considering Walt's request. In this case, Walt has a "special" projector that requires LivePRO (and for that matter, all LD programs) to output a value to a DMX channel as long as scrolling text (or for that matter, any content) is being output. This can be done in version 3.40 or later, since we now offer a "DMX Shutter signal" to be output on each zone. It's like getting an extra 20 DMX shutter signals. Each zone may have a different DMX "shutter", or the same DMX shutter.

    We will be releasing version 3.50 soon which will surely have this feature as well. In the mean time, if anyone else needs this feature, just write me a private email and I will send it to you.