second fb3-qs box flashes yellow

Discussion in 'FB series of products' started by the_skyliner, Mar 19, 2014.

  1. the_skyliner

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    Hi, the problem is here, we have two fb3-QS boxes with the lastest quickshow software.
    Quickshow regonised the second box, we see the serial number displayed in the software, when we send a signal for one of the two lasers one box and laser works fine, second box and laser will not show up and flashes yellow.
    If we disconnect one of two boxes, both laser shows up and when we switched over to the other box both laser works too, even we switched both usb cables to see of there is a problem.
    We re-installed de drivers from the newest software and also no solution.
    For now we are using Vista laptop.

    So, hopely someone here knows the answer.
  2. dennisthemenace

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    happens to me sometimes also, im using 3 dongles with beyond.
    Once i disconnect the cable and plug it back in it goes online and works for a while until it drops it again.
  3. the_skyliner

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    Lucky you:), untill now it never worked with two by us.
  4. ENOT

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    The best way is check log files. Open the folder with QS (same for BEYOND), you will see subfolder Log. Open it, and select file(s) that correspond to the date when you had a problem. Send the zipped logs to report at pangolin dot com.

    Best Regards,

  5. the_skyliner

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    Problem fixed.
    The problem was that first there was one box and in that period there was an issue with Quickshow software/date stamp, in case of that the laptop was set back in date. When the second box came after an while and it was connected to the laptop the box sees an wrong date, the simple solution was set back the right date, after that it all works fine.=)
  6. the_skyliner

    the_skyliner New Member

    Thnx Alexy for your information, your tip will be even usefull by other possible problems.