Securing LD2000 Shows for FB03 - possible?

Discussion in 'Lasershow Designer 2000' started by Stingray, Jun 8, 2015.

  1. Stingray

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    I have bought some shows for LD2000.
    Now, as Beyond can import LD2000-shows, the programmers would save me these shows with secure-serial for FB03 (the reason would be that I use a laptop for presentations and so I want to have only FB03, no QM2000).
    But when they try to secure to a serial 56... LD2000 crashes.

    So is it possible to secure LD2000-shows for FB03 serials? I´ve read that the new "Beyond-QM2000" also have 5 digits in serial so it should be possible. Or is there a control of certain values for securing the shows?

    And when secured a LD2000-show for a FB03-serial (if possible), would it be recognized correctly in Beyond while importing?

  2. Aaron@Pangolin

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    Are you trying to secure the show in LD2000 or BEYOND? LD2000 is not able to secure shows to anything other than a QM2000; if you want to secure a show for a FB3 you need to use BEYOND.
  3. Stingray

    Stingray Beta Tester

    The thing is that I want to use the LD2000-Shows in Beyond with FB03.
    The distributor if the show would give me a copy licensed also to the FB03.

    Ok, he could import it in Beyond an license it to the FB03, but as there could be some little remaining errors in conversion routine, I think it would be better and more flexible to license the shows for the FB03 serial in LD2000-format and import it "later this year" when all is ok with the import function...

    So my thoughts were: is it equal what 5-digit-number is used to license the show (actual QM2000 AND FB03 both have 5 digits) or are there differences (e.g. only 1-30000 is possible to use)?
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  4. Begather

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    QM2000 is no doubt is very credible. Thanks for sharing
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  5. masterpj

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    import show in beyond if you can and then secure the show.
    If the import qm2000 show feature doesn't work for you contact bill for a special license :)
  6. Stingray

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    Thank you for answer, but did you read my question exactly?

    And as you can see: I´m beta tester, so no problem regading license...

    Info for all users that also have this "serial problem": with LD2000 update 5.6 this should be possible...
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