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  1. hitekvoop

    hitekvoop Well-Known Member

    All other modes allow me to select a cue from the apc40: toggle, restart, flash and flash solo. Why, then, when I click on select and then press a button on the apc40 it doesn't select the cue? Is this by design?
  2. hitekvoop

    hitekvoop Well-Known Member

    Hi Bob,

    I know what it does, and why, but consider this:

    I'm running a live show and I want to put it in cue mode and make some mods to cues (running or not). First I have to select the cue before I can twiddle rot/pos knobs or press efx I want to add to it. Why shouldn't I be able to click on select mode and then use the APC40 to select the cue in question. You're already giving visual feedback on selected cue (blinking) why not go one step further?

    Or am I missing something basic?


  3. hitekvoop

    hitekvoop Well-Known Member

    I'm already using zones and mutes, etc as well.

    But let's say I want to drop 2 cues on a single zone and manipulate them individually. It would be handy to be able to put it in select mode, use the apc to select the cue in question and then turn some knobs...

    Tell me what the point of having a cue context is (the rec optimization button) if I have to then manually select cues with the mouse before I can manipulate them with the apc?

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