Sending singnals to laser with only internet

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  1. Lasersource

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    Hi All,

    I have an order from my client but need some help.

    This is for a installation with 1 green laser system. This laser stands on a location and makes a projection to a building (no windows). This building is perfect for projection.

    My customer wants to project small text on this building but don't want have some complicated software.
    What he want is like a small webpage were a textline is, he can enter text and with 1 button. like "Send to laser" and the laser projects the text.

    Were the laser is we have internet and power. we can't have a LAN there. so it have to be internet based solution.

    We thought this by the laser:

    A box with the laser
    A small computer with panglin on it
    A Wifi receiver inside (from the office there is wifi we can receive)
    All connected to power.

    so if my customer types the text the compter receive the signal trough internet and projects it on the building

    Is there some one with a solution?

    Thank you!
  2. Aaron@Pangolin

    Aaron@Pangolin Staff Member

    I can think of two options; VNC control the laser computer running QS or SMS to laser using our IMU. Both have pros and cons.

    SMS to laser might be a bit more expensive due to the monthly modem fee but it would be eaiser (in my opinion) to set IMU up to accept text messages and then leave alone. I am thinking a VPN over the internet or VNC over WiFi might need to be monitored more closely in case something causes either to time out. Although with wireless communication the modem might need a reset on occasion with SMS to laser.

    VNC or VPN control of QS might give the end user too much control, or too many options for what they want (text in box to go to laser) but then with QS they could always get more creative and toss a logo on the building when they wanted to.
  3. Lasersource

    Lasersource Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the reply,

    SMS2laser is an good idea.
    I tried to download the demo. but I need an license file?!

    Is there an option that just 1 or 2 phone numbers can text to the system? otherwise if that phonenumber got in otherhands everyone can change the text. That may not happen.

    My customer only wants to do text messages. if he wants a logo he will contact me.

    If the customer can control by VNC it gives him to much control and to much functions. He asked me to control it very easy (one text box and he can send it) Sending an SMS is also very easy.

    So that would be a perfect solution. Thanks!
  4. Lasersource

    Lasersource Well-Known Member

    Is there a company in the Netherlands who has the SMS2Laser software?
    I like to see it and test / maybe rent it with full functionallity

  5. Aaron@Pangolin

    Aaron@Pangolin Staff Member

    After searching for a bit I cannot find anyone specifically in your area; Francesco from Collimated "might" have one but I am not sure if it is up for demo purposes.

    The demo version of Interactive Messaging Unlimited would give you most of the functionallity (minus the laser). Just have it request a license file from us and we should get you one in a day or two.

    As for incoming number restrictions, I do not see that functionallity although there does seem to be a way to customize some restrictions on what numbers can "get through".
  6. Lasersource

    Lasersource Well-Known Member

    Thank you for your very good anwsers, I think we have a good solution for our client.

    1 question:
    Is it possible when starting the computer that pangolin will automaticly starts up and SMS2laser will be on and usable without we turn it on by hand?
  7. Aaron@Pangolin

    Aaron@Pangolin Staff Member

    You could place it in the Windows start up folder but you would need to manually connect the modem to the internet "by hand" unless you used some third party applicaiton or some creative scripting to get the modem going, or VNC... Technically you need someone on hand to power the laser on, or at least from my perspective you would want someone on hand to manually start everything but you would probably leave it after it was all up and running.

    Theoretically it is all possible but I am thinking you will need another applicaiton or two for control or some creative scripting in Windows. :cool: