Set Framerate to QM2000 via Beyond

Discussion in 'Lasershow Designer BEYOND' started by AlexK, Aug 7, 2015.

  1. AlexK

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    hi everyone,

    every time I try to set the frame rate for a PCI QM2000 controller in Beyond nothing happens. I can change the frame rate in LD2000 but when i'm using Beyond the sliders have no affect to the controller. The default setting of Beyond seems to be 30K. Fortunately, no projector was still damaged. Does anyone know how the Framrate in Beyond is set for a QM2000 controller? Is there a trick? Or this could indicate a problem with the QM2000 drivers?
  2. Hektek

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    When using Beyond with QM2000 cards some of the settings like scan rate are picked up from the LD2000.ini file. So you need to adjust the settings in Showtime and save as default. Then when Beyond launches it will pick them up.
  3. AlexK

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    ...ok works fine! Thank You