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    Output Issue

    ok so I have my 4 projectors and my 4 zones and their outputs selected .. in every cell and in every page I click on the output looks great and works .. but I am only getting output from my 1st projector when I am on the HOT BEAMS page and select cells .. I'm not sure why

    Also, on my apc40 and as well as using my computer mouse .. when i select my zone output buttons or click on my zones in the universe to select and de-select zones nothing happens .. they won't select.

    And I noticed that none of the quickFX work when I'm selecting cells inside the hot beams page besides the first two FX banks, why is that? only the color changes, strobe, and intensity work. the position and curve effects don't.
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    It sounds to me like you have changed some of the projection zone settings that is causing some sort of conflict. I suggest going into the projection zone settings, click the "File" menu and save out your current settings so you can reload them later. Then click File again and select the "New" option to clear all your zone settings. Now set all your FB3s to some of the default zones, go into a cue to set it to go to all 4 zones, display it... does it go to all 4 zones... now test the QuickFX rows you are having problems with. If they work, the problem is some place in your old zone settings. If not, I may need to log onto your computer to check out some of your settings.
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    So I carefully checked my Projector Settings and Projection Zones Settings to compare them to my first projector everything looks exactly the same so I don't understand why I can't get output from my other 3 projectors when I select cells inside the Hot Beams page. :( Also now I noticed that my first projector is not in sync with my other 3 projectors when I select cues. I tried resetting everything from rotation, angle, position but it still remains not in sync.
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    Did you test the way I suggested?

    Just checking to see if the settings "look" the same is not what I am trying to verify. If you perfrom my suggested testing we can try to isolate the issue not just make "it" work.