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  1. hitekvoop

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    I am creating a universe button to start a cue in a protrack and steer that protrack to a set of zones.

    I am having no luck with the command SetProTrackZones. Documentation shows it takes single or multiple arguments.

    Please show me how I would direct ProTrack 2 to zones Left11 and Right11

    Currently trying:

    SelectProTrack 2
    SetProTrackZones 2, "Left11","Right11"
    StartCue 1,1
    Cue starts in correct ProTrack but output for ProTrack doesn't change.
  2. ENOT

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    Thanks for pointing on. There is a mistake in the code.Coming build should work fine. Contact me, I will give a link for test.

    The first argument of command is index of ProTrack, range 1 to 8 (or a name of protrack). Second and other arguments are indexed or names of projection zones. If argument string then it is name, if argument number then index (1 based).