Setting up "analogue" intensity signal in LD2000 - how does it work?

Discussion in 'Lasershow Designer 2000' started by Stingray, Jun 11, 2013.

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    I have a little problem with the color table in LD2000.

    The last weeks I updated my laser system to one white light projector (RGB) and two satellites with single color GREEN. To use this projectors, I also bought some 2-scanner-shows.
    For controlling them I have one QM2000 Pro and one FB03.

    For the time until Beyond can import LD2000 Shows (so I can project my 2-scanner-shows with two different projector settings) I want to use the QM2000 and give the ILDA-signal to all three projectors the same time (bridged from one projector to the next).

    X any Y is no problem as the scanners have nearly identical data.

    But no my problem is the color table.
    The RGB-projector uses the first three color channels and to get a "summary signal" of all these three colors to the satellites, I wanted to use the "Intensity" signal.
    But now it seems that this signal is only TTL (the "blanking function").
    I tried to make changes directly in the color table set up box (showing the fader for "Intensity" and setting up different values for the 24 different training colors).
    Then I leave the control box and LD2000 is setting up the three color tables.
    But in result nothing happens, the satellite projectors react like before (only "switching on and off" the beam).
    Do you have any idea what to do to get a good result?

    Or do you have another idea to do this (maybe with color channel 4 to 6)?

    I hope you understand my problem...

  2. aricha

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    the Intensity is analog
    maybe your green projectors are ttl

    if not you can set up a pallet with four colors
    R+ 5 Red, 0V to +5V
    G+ 6 Green, 0V to +5V
    B+ 7 Blue (typically 476 nm), 0V to +5V
    Deep blue + 8 Violet (typically 457 nm), 0V to +5V

    than in your green projectors connect the modulation of the laser to pins 8 & 21
    in showtim make your show the way you want it for the RGB projector
    and every time you want your green projectors to work make another track with all the frames in deep blue

    only guessing i havent tried that.
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  3. Stingray

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    Thank You for the answer.

    No, the projectors are analogue and if I do color training for a single line green projector, everything is working very well.

    The tip with the 4th color is very nice, but the problem is to edit over 100 shows for working in the 3-projector-combination.

    Better would be to train the intensity für "real analogue" output and fading functionality...