Show-Space shows in QS not the same as video

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  1. michelrietveld

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    Hi, when i download a show from the showspace and put it in Quickshow as a Cue, the output is not the same as in the showspace video.
    Why not?

    I use the file for example, if i play the video i see great show, if i play the downloaded cue it is not the same and i miss lots of it.
    Are the .lds files not sufficient and do i also need to use the .shs file (this is not recognized by quickshow)

  2. Stuka

    Stuka Well-Known Member

    Those shows are formatted for the LD2000 system, making use of effects and parameters that are unique to the LD2000.

    For an LD2000-formatted show to be viewed in it's entirety in QuickSHOW or other programs, it would have to be exported from LD2000 as an ILD-format show.

    Most of the shows posted on the Pangolin Showspace are restricted from this due to Pangolin license agreements.
  3. greghig

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    then whats the point.

    If those of us with quickshow cant run the shows correctly, then can you please tell me where this is mentioned in any of your advertisements, websights or anywhere else for that matter? I do plan to do my own shows, but I really was looking forward to downloading a few shows to impress my friends. Thats not right. How about listing on each video which SW it was saved in so we wont waste time downloading it. even better, make a Quickshow only upload and download only section.
  4. greghig

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    "Most of the shows posted on the Pangolin Showspace are restricted from this due to Pangolin license agreements."

    I thought this WAS Pangolin and this was your software. I understand about not including the copyrighted music, but the graphics are already shared by the user and given permission to use them when they upload them. (its in your own agreement). Very misleading.
  5. soforene

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    If the title starts QS Frames then it's for QS.
    If the title starts QS Show then it's for QS.
    Otherwise it's for LD2000.

    Couldn't get much simpler. %)
  6. Stuka

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    1. I'm not Pangolin or an employee of Pangolin - just a Pangolin user ("Very helpful member"), like many of the other folks that post here. :)

    2. Nothing misleading about the showspace - it's a Pangolin portal, for Pangolin users with very specific hardware / software suites. The LD2000 suite and QuickShow vary greatly in their capabilities, some of which are hardware-specific. Not all shows written for the LD2000 suite (QM2000 board) will port directly to a Quickshow (FB3) without a lot of work, and frankly, many LD2000 / QM owners are not going to have a lot of incentive to do that.

    The difference between the two systems gets a bit blurrred when talking about the "Beyond" software suite, since it supports BOTH boards. However, Beyond is still "cooking", and the final capabilities are still being developed - and right now, I don't think any shows have been posted on the portal that were written specifically for Beyond.

    Some of the export / licensing agreements for the LD2000 shows have to do with exporting the shows to a non-Pangolin (i.e. generic .ILD) format.
    It's copyright protection for the original show creator and any frame content licensed by Pangolin.

    Remember that many, if not most, of the shows on the portal are USER contributed, written for the specific system those users happen to own. If you look around I think you'll find PLENTY of Quickshow offerings have been posted.
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  7. Aaron@Pangolin

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    Hey Greg, I am sorry to hear you find the Show Portal information misleading.

    What Soforene eloquently stated is true, thank you Sir ;) ; shows on the Portal with QS in the title are for use with QuickShow and everything else is for use with LD2000. Here is a screen shot of 6 shows, 3 of which are QS Shows:

    Another thank you for Stuka's post that goes a bit deeper into where the limitations are put on the LD2000 shows which is mainly focused on exporting copyrighted content from the LD2000 format to ILDA format.

    As for shows, I think there are atleast 30 QuickShow shows on the portal if not more; you should be able to find all kinds of content to impress your friends. :cool:
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  8. soforene

    soforene Well-Known Member

    At my last count there were 63 QS Shows.
    And all for free.

    I'd count that as pretty good value .......................... :p
  9. soforene

    soforene Well-Known Member

    8 new shows added

    Just a heads up for QS show fans.
    Another 8 shows have been added to the Show Site over the last 24 hours.

    Go get 'em guys !! :D
  10. Bob@Pangolin

    Bob@Pangolin Staff Member

    I am missing the like button :) .. nice going soforene..
  11. elev8d

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    New member here...

    This is my first post, so maybe I shouldn't start with question, so I'll just re-post someone else asking my question in relation to and hope there will be a response in this thread :)

  12. soforene

    soforene Well-Known Member

    If you would be looking for a specific show title then I can see the usefulness of a search function.
    But what I tend to do is check the site every now and then and click on New Content which shows the shows in chronological order (with the newest first).
    That way you can always see what's new and what you might want to add to your collection. :D
  13. elev8d

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    Search Functionality

    Well I just got a 30k TTL RGB projector with Quickshow and I like tech-house music, so if I could put in search tags like QS, TTL, electronic music to find a type a show, that would be pretty sweet. Granted I know there aren't that many shows out there, but I would hope that as this community grows, that so would the quantity of shows. I definitely want to try to make a few in the next year.
  14. soforene

    soforene Well-Known Member

    As Shows are not currently "tagged" then you wouldn't get many hits (apart from the titles that start QS Show).
    And as has been mentioned previously, all QS show titles start with the words QS Show. :rolleyes: