Showtime 2000 can also use Matroska Video (.mkv)

Discussion in 'Lasershow Designer 2000' started by decix, Sep 18, 2009.

  1. decix

    decix Well-Known Member

    I'm creating a lasershow and got a music video as audio/video source.
    At least on my system MKV works in ST2000 just by renaming the video-file from .mkv to .avi ;)
    but I should mention that I also got the K-Lite Codec Pack (Full) installed.

    (Jump up and down if you find this information useful) %) :sillylol:
  2. aricha

    aricha Well-Known Member

    video - full screen

    can you get the video to be full screen on monitor 2?
    without the blue frame?

    i tried video card settings but no luck
  3. Pangolin

    Pangolin Staff Member

    We've never heard of MKV file format. Is this something new?

    Also, regarding full screen video, or any kind of advanced video, we would recommend using the very latest Showtime_M.EXE which is a part of LD2000 version 5.03. This is automatically installed and can be found in the C : \ LD2000 folder.

    Best regards,

    William Benner
  4. lasero2000

    lasero2000 Member

    matroska mkv format

    What is Matroska?

    Matroska aims to become THE standard of multimedia container formats. It was derived from a project called MCF, but differentiates from it significantly because it is based on EBML (Extensible Binary Meta Language), a binary derivative of XML. EBML enables the Matroska Development Team to gain significant advantages in terms of future format extensibility, without breaking file support in old parsers.

    First, it is essential to clarify exactly "What an Audio/Video container is", to avoid any misunderstandings:

    * It is NOT a video or audio compression format (video codec)
    * It is an envelope for which there can be many audio, video and subtitles streams, allowing the user to store a complete movie or CD in a single file.

    Matroska is designed with the future in mind. It incorporates features you would expect from a modern container format, like:

    * Fast seeking in the file
    * High error recovery
    * Chapter entries
    * Selectable subtitle streams
    * Selectable audio streams
    * Modularly Extendable
    * Streamable over internet (HTTP and RTP audio & video streams)
    * Menus (like DVDs have)

    Matroska is an open standards project. This means for personal use it is absolutely free to use and that the technical specifications describing the bitstream are open to everybody, even to companies that would like to support it in their products. The source code of the libraries developed by the Matroska Development Team is licensed under GNU L-GPL. In addition to that, there are also free parsing and playback libraries available under the BSD license, for commercial software and Hardware adoption.

    The Matroska has the following goals:

    * Create and document a modern, flexible and cross-platform Audio/Video container format, in combination with an open codec API to form a free and open media framework
    * Establish Matroska as the opensource alternative to existing containers such as AVI, ASF, MOV, RM, MP4, MPG
    * Develop a set of tools for the creation, editing and implementation of Matroska files
    * Develop libraries and tools for software developers to be able to support Matroska in their applications
    * Prepare hardware support of Matroska files in next generations standalone units, in close cooperation with device manufacturers
    * Support adoption and implementation of Matroska's libraries into Haiku (OpenBeOS) Mediakit and GStreamer (Multimedia Framework for Linux , equivalent to Microsoft (TM) DirectShow (R) for Windows (TM))
    * Launch a set of DirectShow filters for playback and creation of Matroska files on Windows (TM) Operating Systems
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  6. Pangolin

    Pangolin Staff Member

    Also, I forgot to mention that with Showtime version 5.0, we added MKV as a file extension to the Multimedia player in Showtime, so it is no longer necessary to rename files to "AVI".

    Best regards,

    William Benner