Showtime 2000 connected with Martin Light Jockey

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by waiasf, May 19, 2011.

  1. waiasf

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    i normally use Martin light jockey making shows sincronized with the musical audio master in the timeline and i also program a lasershow running together with the same musical audio master..but sometimes is difficult to press play at the same time on the two computers..
    this is my question.. Is it possible to connect the Showtime 2000 with Martin Light jockey in any way??
    thanyou in advance!

  2. aricha

    aricha Well-Known Member

    You can put your show in a cue in Showtime Live
    And use Light Jockey to play the music and trigger that cue
    Look for DMX input in Showtime Help

    You can also send out DMX from Showtime to Light Jockey
    And have your music played from Showtime

    Time Code
    You can record time code on an extra sound track on your sound file
    And use time code devices to trigger both software's
    For that you need a device that can play music with 5.1
    Or if it is alright to play the music in mono you can record music on the left channel
    And time code on the right channel
    Or you can play the music from Showtime and use the TC2000 output to send time code to Light Jockey

    I never use midi but I'm sure it is an option as well

    You can also consider getting an FB3 with DMX