showtime 2000, how to easy make show from ilda and mp3

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  1. michelrietveld

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    hi, if i have 2 files, ilda show file and mp3 audio file, how do i easily combine these to a show file for autoplay?

    if i open the ilda file in showtime it gives me all the frames and i can't select start to end to copy onto the timeline.

    have several older files that i like to use for autoplay, had them in spaghetti and quickshow combined but now how to do this for ld2000.

  2. aricha

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    In ST drag the first frame to a track now select the last frame in the frame file-just click on it do not drag it –
    now look to the left of the track and click the – Replace last frame –
    & drag the - Animate only - effect from the effects list on to that event
    With a right click you can give it the length to fit your music
  3. DJBob

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    To automatically have the song cued to be loaded, go into LD2000 on the computer via Windows, etc (not in Showtime).
    Go to Shows, find the file for the show you are working on, and copy/paste the music into that folder.

    Example: Win7 >>LD2000>>Shows>>Graphics>>your show.

    Also, if you can convert the MP3 file to a WAV file you will be able to see it in Showtime. I use Convert Files. It's free, so it's for me.
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