showtime 2000 problem, shot blinks - doesn't blink

Discussion in 'Lasershow Designer 2000' started by salmin, Jun 14, 2012.

  1. salmin

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    I badly know English, excuse for mistakes.

    My problem, I do a scene in showtime 2000 by duration of 5 minutes.
    I have a shot from 400 points. I should put it in the scene end (for 4.30 minute)
    when I move it from the frame list window on the right place in the Timelines window, it starts to shine more dimly, and quickly to blink, as a stroboscope.
    if I press it in the frame list window, the shot shines brightly, and doesn't blink.

    tell please why so occurs? why the same shot shines on a miscellaneous in Frame List and Timelines?

    P/S. if I put a shot at the beginning of all scene in Timelines, the shot doesn't blink, and shines well and if the same shot I put in the scene end (there where it is necessary to me) that the shot starts to blink quickly. tell WHY?
  2. Aaron@Pangolin

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    I am not sure I understand the problem; most likely due to your stated level of English. That is OK, we will figure it out.

    It might be best for you to post in your native language and we can use a translator.

    A video of what you are experiencing could help if you can take one and post it on YouTube with a link to the video here in the thread.

    It might also help if you emailed me some screenshots of how your timeline looks along with the show and frame files you are working with so I can try to se the problem for myself. My email addres is my username + ".com"

    A Teammember of mine Paulo also speaks Portuguese and understands a few more languages; you can call our office and speak with him to explain the issue and if he can't work you through it he can explain to me. One way or another we will work to resolve your problem. :cool:
  3. aricha

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    put a Reset Track with blanck frame at the end of every track
    and only than put the frame that you want to use.
    or just start a new module and put your frame there
  4. salmin

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    Ariсha! thanks a lot! Everything turned out!