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    Hello every body!

    First of all, sorry with my english, i'm spanish...

    I hace a PC with 2 QM2000 (1xBasic, 1xIntro). I have a show with lots of Live! Keys, that i run in real time with music into a pub....

    My question is, how can i configure wich keys output to scanner 1 or 2? Can i run 1 live key to 2 scanners?

    Next friday i'm going to recive my new 2 Lasers full color and i would like two controller 2 scanners at same time...

    Thanks a lot!
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    Load your live show in Showtime (for example liveshow).

    Now activate Module at the left side of the timeline view.
    You will see various modules.

    Click on the first module and activate "scene" on the left side of the timeline view.
    Next you will find on the right side of the screen a button with the text "TK: 1 Z: fr".
    Click on it and go to the tab "track projection Zones". Activate it, and activate the boxes of the zones corresponding with your laser assignment (i am guessing 1 and 6).
    Next press on "Assign to all tracks" and press "Ok".

    Go Back to "Module" (Left side of the timeline view).

    Select the second module and do the same thing.
    This is what you have to do for all tracks and modules.

    After you changed all settings to your personal preferences you can use them in live!

    Don't forget to save the show before exiting -@
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    Thanks a lot!