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    Dear Friends,

    Does anybody know
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    Dear Vadim,

    it's hard to understand your question correctly. Here are some answers...:

    The shutter (pin 13) works full automatically! If showtime does laser output, the shutter signal will be 5V. If there is not laser output, showtime sets the shutter to 0V. So if a show is playing, the shutter opens. If there is a small period of time in your show without laser output (all tracks reset), the shutter will close automatically. BUT: You won't be able to drive a shutter directly by the QM board. You will need an external amplifier (driver) to get enough power for it. The best way would be using a GM20 driver with 0...5V input and output up to about 500mA at about 12V, I think.

    Did I answer your question? - If not: Ask your question again (more detailed).

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    Dear Tobias,

    I suppose what I can't drive the shutter directly from showtime. I ask this question because I need to control shutter (logo shutter) directly from ILDA connector. So I shall search for another decision. Thank's for you answer.
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    Little late answer...
    Shutter functions are set inside Color Palette settings. Not in Automatic Training, but in advanced settings.
    There you can manually set up all values for color signals, Shutter signal and Blanking. You can assign a separate output levels for every color.

    The only way I see to solve your question is to choose only one color that will open shutter. All other colors have shutter closed.

    Or, better way: You can set up 3 different palettes : balanced, bright and full-power.
    Set up all paletes as usual, and then for 2 palettes close shutter for every color, and for 1 palette set shutter to be open for all colors (except black).

    Then in showtime Track settings (or in LD > Frame advanced settings) you can choose which of 3 palettes to use. With this you control shutter.
    I haven't tested this, but it should work.
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    Dear Aljaz,

    Thank's for beautiful solution of this problem. It seems work fine.

    Thank you.