Shutter pin13 DB25

Discussion in 'QM2000 series of products' started by Andy_Faulkner, Aug 13, 2005.

  1. Andy_Faulkner

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    Hi All,

    Is it possible to control the shutter pin (13 - DB25) directly from a show so it can be used as a feature selector without effecting any other part of the system?

    I dont use pin 13 for a shutter and want to use it to toggle an input.

    or is there another pin that could be used that is accessable from a show or effect?

    It must be in the DB25 for what I am trying to do..
  2. Pangolin

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    Hi Andy,

    Interesting problem you have there. Ordinarily I would just advise you to use Virtual TTL lines, or DMX Frames, but you stated that the controlled element has to be from the DB25.

    If you do not use all 6 (actually 8, but lets say 6 here) color channels that LD2000 supports, it may be possible for you to make creative use of one of the color channels to control your device. LD2000 supports three separate simultaneous color palettes (Fully Balanced, High Power, and High Saturation), but it seems that this feature is not used too often. It could be possible for you to dedicate the High Power palette to assert one of the color channels. Any time you want the line asserted, you just call up a frame with the High Power Palette. This is a little wacky, but I think it will work...

    Technically speaking, the Shutter line is one of the 8 color channels in LD2000, but this has a special requirement that, the output must be zero volts when LD2000 is not outputting anything. The other color channels (including Intensity) do not have this strict requirement.