Simulating a blinking LED on apc 40

Discussion in 'PangoScript, Universe and Midi Templates' started by willtheld, Feb 18, 2014.

  1. willtheld

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    I have my quickfx assigned to the activator/solo/record buttons. I have them turn the leds on if there is a fx in the cell. then turn off when they are on. I would love to make the LEDs blink when that fx is running. the apc 40 doesn't have a standard velocity blink on those particular buttons. I'm wondering if there is some pango script I can use to do this.....
  2. Bob@Pangolin

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    You can do this with Pangoscript;

    But it creates a higher traffic on the midi wires.
    Something I would suggest to avoid.

    sending the commands (in this example for button 90 3E )

    Light on: midiout 0x90,0x3E,0x7F
    Light off: midi out 0x90,0x3F,0x00

    Check the midi monitor at the right bottom of the editor to see which button to use.