Single Frozen Beam Issue

Discussion in 'Lasershow Designer QuickShow' started by jpowell1982, Nov 8, 2012.

  1. jpowell1982

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    Hey guys Im having an issue with my laser and the manufacturer of the laser assures me its not on their end which leads me to believe its either operator error or programming error.

    I just started with this venue and not too familiar with their lasers, my last venue was a custom box ran by LivePRO.

    The issue Im having now is with QuickShow or the ILDA-USb convertor.
    Basically as soon as I connect the laser to the ILDA-USB it outputs one single beam that doesnt go away until I run a pattern in the program. As soon as I stop playing a clip and blackout, it comes back. Anytime the laser idles at all hooked up to the USB convertor it has a single beam. I attached a pic for example.. Any help is appreciated and thanks

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  2. Denis.Garner

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    If you have a DMX line connected take it out also you can try a DMX terminator plug 120ohm in the DMX out socket. Try this first
  3. vIQleS

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    Cable issue? Try swapping some leads around...
  4. aricha

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    I have this problem with some of my projectors.

    I am using my FB3 with a DMX board and operating the FB3 with DMX to the FB3. (The USB is not connected) this is when i get the same problem as you.
    As soon as I connect the USB cable and use QS there is no problem.

    I can also fix that with taking the laser power down but we don't like losing power.

    As I said before it happens with some of my projector and only with the FB3's that are in a little box and have an external power adapter.
    with an older FB3's that I built I used a proper PSU And put it all in a big box then I don't have that beam.
    I think it is a ground problem.
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  5. Denis.Garner

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    Another issue could be the projector is switching back to DMX control; does your projector auto select ILDA? I have one that I need to send a DMX reset command too, otherwise it stays on and that one now lives in the garage with some of the other purchases that seem a good deal at the time.
  6. jpowell1982

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    Thanks for your responses guys. I am using an FB3, not sure which one.. whereas Im not there right now.. But it does auto select ILDA when I connect the cable.. I do not use DMX for these projectors but I have three Lanling (womp womp) lasers.. two on one FB3 (on as the slave) and the third one is on another FB3 and is the one pictured.. technically theyre all doing the same but the other two are a deep magenta and terminate somewhere unseen so theyre not as much of an issue.. But id like them to all be tuned and running right.. I just got to this venue and encountered quite a clusterfuck.. Although Im a bit of a newb with the intricate maintenance of laser projection, I have many years running on LivePro (flawless system.. never had to do much maintenance in the 5 yrs I was on that system) but I am on my own here and would love to make these owners happy with their purchase of, what i see as, subpar projectors (although theyre rated at 5W.. supposedly..)
  7. jpowell1982

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    sorry the laser auto selects ILDA.. not the convertor.. in case of any confusion
  8. Denis.Garner

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    Do you have a “d typeâ€￾ breakout box so you can check the voltages on the ILDA cable, I am assuming you have pulled out the cables and it only stays on when connected to the PC. Have you tried another PC or a powered USB hub, sometime the power is too low on USB, particular if it is a laptop for two FB3’s
  9. jpowell1982

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    Ok So I have 2 FB3QS. They dont have an option for outside power, only USB power.. Theyre running off a desktop but its a Dell Studio Hybrid 140G.. not really much of a desktop.. when I run just one FB3 with two projectors (one slaved to the other) I get faint lines but cant be seen because of where theyre located. When I hook up the third projector to the desktop or another lone laptop, I get the strong line you see in pic. I run one projector, one FB3 and one laptop and I get the solid line
  10. Denis.Garner

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    Mm if it was my show I would take another brand of projector to site plug it in and see what happens, the only way is to isolate it down, then a breakout box on the cable and start switching off pins to see which pin is triggering the beam. You need to check what voltage is on pin 6 and 19 that is the green trigger. If those pins are at 0volts you need to find out what pin is triggering the beam. Sorry can’t think of anything else to do
  11. Light Rapture

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    When You project the image does it blank properly? could be the blanking is wired wrong or backwards on the ilda input at the projector. Also are the projectors TTL or anologue? I have a projector that did that and it was a grounding problem for me. When I split the ilda cable signal it did not cary the ground for the projector. I jumped the cable at the split and it worked fine.
  12. discoball

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    Hello, have you foun any solution to your problem? i may have the exact same problem as you had or have..