Smaller projection size with Quickshow Fb3

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    I own two lasers. One 2.5 W RGB Analog one 600 mW RGB TTL.

    When I run the 2.5 W on "Sound mode" I get a MUCH larger projection size than when I run it with my QS FB3 card. I reset everything on the software, zones, sizes, etc... I have found it's probably 40% smaller with FB3 than when it's running by itself. Note: There's two pan pots on the back with X and Y dimensions, both turned up to 100%.

    When I run the 600 MW it's a large projection size. I can push it even harder when it's connected to the FB3. Probably to 110%.

    My question is: Why isn't the FB3 accessing the full potential of the 40K scanners on the 2.5 W? Could it be that the pan pots are affecting it? Is disconnecting them a possiblity?

    Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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    We know of the problem and we've seen it in other projectors as well. Unfortunately the problem LIKELY has nothing to do with QuickShow and everything to do with the connections inside the projector.

    Three years ago, before I wrote this article, the problem was much much worst. You'd likely get an image that was sideways, backwards, upside, down, etc. and also even possibly get a situation where the projector put out maximum brightness with no color input (rather than zero brightness). Our solution was to write an article, translate it into a variety of language, and then personally and physically hand it to the projector manufacturers. The article can be found here:

    The result has been very good. Now -- for the most part -- projector manufacturers get the connections right. But there is still the case of size mis-match between the built-in pattern generator and external interface (regardless of what software is driving that interface).

    I also hate to tell you but you likely only have 30K scanners or less, and not 40K scanners. In mid-November we will release a video which explains to people that -- if a scanner looks like a Cambridge model 6800, it is only a 30K scanner, regardless of the claims of sellers. The full explanation including computer models and engineering data will be presented in that video. We hope to educate projector manufacturers as to what to claim and what not to claim. Hey, it worked with the projector connections article, right? -@

    Best regards,

    William Benner