SMPTE Time Code to MTC MIDI Time Code Software!

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  1. LaserEd

    LaserEd New Member

    SMPTE Time Code to MTC MIDI Time Code Software! =)

    NO Hardware Needed!

    I just bought four copies of this software.

    I have nothing to do with this company BTW :) It’s just so helpful!

    Feed SMPTE into your soundcard or just your jack on your laptop.
    SMPTE displayed and converted to MTC internally!
    This simplifies SMPTE work tremendously.
    Something worth having on your MPC computer even if it is just-in-case!
    You have to install the free LoopBe1 MIDI Loop-back.

    $49 unbelievable!
    I spoke to him this morning and he said if there is any interest in a mac version he can do that too.
  2. masterpj

    masterpj Well-Known Member

    Sounds interesting.. the link scared me for a bit starting a download right away from a site I wasn't familiar with.. but going to give this a try!
  3. LaserEd

    LaserEd New Member

    So Far so good

    I am still going to carry all my SMPTE hardware but I have been looking for a simple 1 channel sound interface. It works fine on my laptop but laptop sound cards are not always the best:)
    Less equipment to carry, the better!
  4. Rendang1963

    Rendang1963 Member

    thank´s for sharing. I just tried the Demo, so far it´s working fine , will give it some more time later on. I totaly agree, the less we have to carry around, the better....